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A journey in verse . . . As author Adrian Kerley learned during his years in Australia, "boomer" is Australian slang for an old, male kangaroo. Although this book wasn't written for kangaroos, it was written with a different sort of "boomer" in mind: Baby Boomers. In this collection of thoughts and poems, Adrian invites you to join him on a journey from the gold fields of Australia, along the lanes of Europe, through the woods of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the fields of memory, moments, and mystery. As you read these words, you'll find yourself drifting away from the everyday to other places and times: the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, a cottage in Scotland and even the backyard of a five-year-old in 1950's North Carolina. In thes pages you'll travel vast distances in moments and escape along sandy shorelines or wooded paths. So journey here for a while, experience the warmth of tropical winds and rediscover seldom-visited emotions.

A Boomer's Path

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