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Adrian L. Kerley 

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A native of North Carolina and a full-fledged baby boomer, Adrian Kerley has traveled many paths and played many roles on his journey.  He has served as an educator, university instructor, foreign missionary and financial advisor among other roles.  

Adrian has been married for fifty years, is father to five children and "Grandy" to eight grandchildren. A long-time lover of music, art and nature, Adrian holds a BS and an MRE and has enjoyed continuing his education in theology, philosophy and finance.  


The Kerleys lived in Australia for over ten years and have traveled the world extensively. It was on a 2004 journey to Turks & Caicos that Adrian discovered his love for writing . . . and for island drums.

In The Press

It's Comin'

Think I'll just sit here for a spell and think about things close to home.  Baby Lucy's on her way

and she'll be here soon.

Summer months are sittin' in and already laughing' about their plans to stomp on us. 

 Never mind, lady autumn 'll get her chance too; 


but, she's much kinder. So, I'm just gonna sit here


and think about things closer to home.

The tide's coming.

Oh, I'm not sure how and I'm not sure when, but

it's comin' alright.  I can feel it deep-down in the

slow currents of my soul.  You know, where the


catfish lie and the mud-dogs crawl.

The winds have been blowing' a long time now.

You can hear 'em, and you can see 'em, if you've a mind to and ain't nobody but God can stop it,

and only him, if He's a mind to.

But just as sure as the tide rises, it's a comin'

and I'm watching it all from my porch swing.

I don't say much about it, but I'm watchin'


and just like days crossed off the calendar on my


wall, it's been coming an awful long time, crawlin',


walkin', runnin', jumping',and now, just  a flyin'


by.  Why, even my  swing 's groaning' at it all.


Mark my words, I feel it in the deep waters  of my


soul just like when Uncle Franklin died and you


better be ready cause it's a comin'.

Modern perplexities through the eyes of early southern roots, May 22,2022

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Marble Surface

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A novel romance by Adrian L. Kerley
"Take my hand, Kathryn," Nicholas voiced with a warm and inviting smile, "can the sun refuse to shine, or ever hide its brilliance? Neither would it ever be possible for me to be disappointed in you."
Beneath the Cabbage Tree offers readers a delightful stroll through 19th-century England with characters that seem to have walked off the pages of a timeless Jane Austen novel.
It's a sure cure for anyone itching for an afternoon get-away, a bit of romance, or just a return to simpler days.
Available in paperback and on Kindle.


Adrian L. Kerley 

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