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Adrian Kerley has been hard at work! Discover this Boomer's new and inspiring works now available to purchase.

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A Boomer, There and Back

The fourth book of poetry by Adrian Kerley

Poetry is alchemy—it takes the simple everyday and transforms it into something golden.

In his fourth collection, A Boomer, There and Back, Adrian Kerley explores the ordinary and, word upon word, spins it into something quite extraordinary.

Perfect for word lovers, this collection also makes a wonderful gift for anyone who loves the adventure, the romance, and the poignancy of life—and memories that take you there and back again.


Beneath the Cabbage Tree

A romance novel by Adrian Kerley

"Take my hand, Kathryn," Nicholas voiced with a warm and inviting smile, "can the sun refuse to shine, or ever hide its brilliance? Neither would it ever be possible for me to be disappointed in you."

Beneath the Cabbage Tree offers readers a delightful stroll through 19th-century England with characters that seem to have walked off the pages of a timeless Jane Austen novel.
It's a sure cure for anyone itching for an afternoon get-away, a bit of romance, or just a return to simpler days.

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