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A Boomer Broadcast: Now on Amazon!

After years of writing, I am delighted to announce that my entire trilogy of books of poetry is now for sale on Amazon!

To purchase a paperback or hardback copy of your own, or to give the gift of "vicarious travel to distant ports of heart and seldom visited emotions" to another, visit my Amazon page today.

If you like what you read, remember to rate and review your purchase. Each hardback purchase is a first edition and will include a personal signature from the author.

Purchase A Boomer's Path here

Purchase A Boomer Uncharted here

Purchase A Boomer Lifted here

"May these words encourage you in your own journey, in its richness and difficulties, to embrace the lessons from each experience. May these words also heighten your sense of wonder and appreciation for life's hushed moments."

-Foreward, A Boomer Uncharted

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