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A Boomer's Reflections: Savvy or Savagery?

I know... I've been quiet, respectful and compliant most of my life, playing by the rules like many of you. Over the past twenty-five years as a financial advisor and having served in ministry and education prior to that, I learned to be extremely careful in my comments, opinions and deportment. That said, I have also come to realize more keenly through viewing current events that but for a single candle in a room, darkness prevails.

With the tyranny of injustice and the serious absence of decorum in much of our current political life, I feel compelled to to place my entire "2 cents" on the change necessary! When I took a course in Christian Philosophy years ago, what seems to be one of today's prevailing, political philosophies was then referred to as "Casuistry," unsound reasoning justifying the achievement of the ends by "any" means necessary, the end result, being worth the goal. The death of Truth in the highest portals of our land, slander, character assassination and instant ruin by simple "drive by" allegation, have inflamed my sensibilities of decency and set my personal sense of injustice ablaze.

Have we really forgotten, or worse, purposefully set aside our responsibility to lead by example, those who follow us?

It was common in my early days of parenting to remind myself often, that "little eyes are watching" and that often what I did in moderation, they may well do in excess some day. How much greater to remember in today's public forum the admonition of Solomon the Wise who wrote, "The eyes of the Lord are in every place keeping watch upon the evil and the good." To this end, I am including my latest writing entitled "Savagery." I have written several poems as a commentary on aspects of modern society. You can find them in all three of my books.

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Keep the faith, fight the good fight!


With heels staunchly embedded,

they thumb their noses

and shake their fist to the heavens,

and with incisors, septic, wolfish,

clinched around their victim’s necks,

and a half-smirk, half-smile

upon their faces,

they effect lies with gamesmanship,

and spin half truths

as a weaver spins his finest linens,

and seethe and hiss inwardly

as they boast and laugh and wink

outwardly one to another.

Like a rabid canine, they growl at the moon

for nothing more than its brightness

and would tear it from the night sky

for nothing more than its clarity and light,

and all with a sneer upon their faces

and a howling in their souls,

And like a rabid canine,

they seethe with an incurable thirst for darkness,

that they may hide their pernicious deeds

under its cover,

and all with a wink in the corner of an eye,

and contemptuous laughter upon their faces,

and the stench of evil in their hearts.

And all the while not realizing

that absent a moon,

they must yet face a Sun.


Political Gamesmanship or Neo-Roman Games? 9-25-2018, Adrian L Kerley

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