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A Boomer's First Blog

This, my first blog coincides with the Kerley annual vacation at Hilton Head, SC. The family part is amazing with members present ranging in ages from nearly one year old, to, well, let's just say a couple of serious card-carrying baby boomers. As with all family outings the week requires a bit of patience, lots of love, and an occasional touch of forbearance with loads of fun bordering at times on the insane.

The beach part, on the other hand finds me sitting here with pen in hand continuing my episodic love affair with the beach. Like so many times before, the sky above is a shade of blue that would rival any baby boy's blanket, with fat, fluffy clouds levitating above my chair bringing to memory the exact reason for writing so many poems on this very spot. Two passages in particular come to mind, one from each of my two latest books.

The first passage is from my second book, A Boomer Uncharted, the poem:

Dear Diary..." The sky is a powder blue with an abundance of fluffy dreams floating by, and much like life itself, they fly erratic and just out of reach."

The second, from my third book, A Boomer Lifted: Surfside Gifts... "There are few things I love more than the sea, where its message is subtle and lazy and comes without clocks

and its gifts, complex and profound, not requiring youthfulness, but where I ever dance and play

with younger heart."



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