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Two Roads

I marvel daily at what I see, at what I hear.

I often wonder if I've suddenly awakened from a sleep of many winters to a new, almost unrecognizable land; not that everyone must see and feel as I do. Wow, that's a scary thought, a very boring one at the least.

We are all unique in varying ways and wonderfully so, with diverse experience and intellect, perception and rich cultural and family heritage. But I do marvel at the great divide and the even widening polarization of public opinion in our nation. Okay, I admit it. I remember Captain Kangaroo, Mr Green-jeans and yes, even artful, Mr. Bunny Rabbit. And yes, I am from a previous generation.

I remember the 1960's or at least most of it! I was taught to respect authority and if not the person, per se, at least the office of authority. Like most of my peers, the inculcation of values and principles was a part of my early, public education. Truthfulness, honesty with others and myself, respect and civility though at times subtle, was undeniably part of my educational journey. Don't even get me started on history and geography!

So, is this great rift, this social polarization I feel real or imagined? And if real, how did we drift so far apart?

Nudged by insightful reading, I was reminded of a foundational truth of bloggable relevance. There are two very distinct world views from which we all largely decide our values and determine our actions. And while these two views have been in existence throughout time, there has been a shift, a not-so subtle swing from the one previously predominately held to the one previously lesser held, creating a dissonance in values and acceptable social mores. We are experiencing a confluence between a Theo-centric (God-centered) worldview and a Humanistic (man-centered) one. One view places man's goodness, his needs and his ability to meet those needs at its center, apart from the divine or supernatural, all rule subjective and relative based upon the perception of common good. The other recognizes and places importance upon a supernatural God as Creator and Sustainer who intervenes in and invites a relationship with his creation, with rule objective and based upon divine principle.

The two world views determine their beliefs from totally different centers and hold values and see solutions with different philosophical eyes, often resulting in an impasse. No wonder John "the beloved Apostle" would write about these two differing world views in 1John 4:5-6 so many years ago.

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