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Mind-numbing, breathtaking statements of jaw-dropping proposals, naivety bordering on the fanciful, impractical, untenable, devoid of common sense and deprived of wisdom, comedic absurdities, save for their real-life implications...

these were but some of my impressions of comments from the latest round of political debate or perhaps described better as "theater." Try giving sound financial advice or running a profitable business upon such policies. You likely wouldn't last long, practically nor ethically, neither would your clients or consumers.

Yet, the outrageous, implausible and flamboyant continue to lead the charge.

When exactly did a large segment of our national, political leadership decide it politically fashion-forward and chic to clearly disavow established Law, much of which was instituted by their very own predecessors? And exactly who thought it wise to promote such a strategy in order to gain (perceived) votes? Do they not realize that a national, political convention whose underlying message is "Damn the Laws, Full Speed Ahead," may well result in a lawless constituency with little allegiance to anyone, including themselves or respect for anything, including our nation? When did they determine to follow policy as flippantly as one would look to the skies as a test for coming weather?

Free healthcare, free university education, free income, free citizenship with no

qualification or requirements other than "showing up," free fairy dust allowing all our dreams to come true, guaranteed by official political statement, (at least until after the next election.)

Wow! perhaps we should all insist on such astute political practice the next time we go shopping at our favorite retailer, or buy a car, or fill one up the at the local gas station, or simply choose not to pay our utilities because WE think it our right to get them for free. I wonder if the same political thought will apply to those who simply choose not to pay taxes? I'm pretty sure NOT, since WE'RE the ones stuck paying for all of the "free" stuff.

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